Project [M]echa

Project M is an Action-Multiplayer Looter-Shooter made on Unity Engine in C#.

It goal was to fully utilize modularity to create a game where every details of the player’s Mech will factored in combat. The player would have being able to change every pieces of their Mech to gain the upper-hand in a given situation.

Each Mech is a combination of various parts having their own internal logic, energy requirements , material and physics of their own. In that aspect, it closely resemble a simulation of non-existing war-machine – however, they are key features making the gameplay distinct to other looter-shooter:

  • Energy Requirements: A must for balanced gameplay. Since the player must design their own mech,  they’ll have to considered what kind of payload they are going to use. Are they going with a light weight Mech to outpace the enemy? Or, will they install power-hungry equipment to quickly dispatch of a foe which would let them play a High-risk High-reward playstyle?
  • Materials:  They mostly affect physics interaction as certain materials are heavier or denser than another. But, some materials have special property to them that make add another consideration when entering a fight. For example, PLA might be an cheap and light part material, but aren’t useful in a hot environment as they melt.
  • Internal Logic:  Parts have dependencies to properly operate. However, some of them have certain functions to works around those dependencies , that are simple in concept. Be it acting as a passive cooler or use combinational logic to stack commands to execute a burst, they are entities of their own. It’s a effective method to create emergence from basic variables.



Gameplay is fast-paced. Decisions has to be made quickly to survive. Explosion are hourly occurence.


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