Project Mecha

Project [M]echa

Project M is an Action-Multiplayer Looter-Shooter made on Unity Engine in C#.

It goal was to fully utilize modularity to create a game where every details of the player’s Mech will factored in combat. The player would have being able to change every pieces of their Mech to gain the upper-hand in a given situation.

Each Mech is a combination of various parts having their own internal logic, energy requirements , material and physics of their own. In that aspect, it closely resemble a simulation of non-existing war-machine – however, they are key features making the gameplay distinct to other looter-shooter:

  • Energy Requirements: A must for balanced gameplay. Since the player must design their own mech,  they’ll have to considered what kind of payload they are going to use. Are they going with a light weight Mech to outpace the enemy? Or, will they install power-hungry equipment to quickly dispatch of a foe which would let them play a High-risk High-reward playstyle?
  • Materials:  They mostly affect physics interaction as certain materials are heavier or denser than another. But, some materials have special property to them that make add another consideration when entering a fight. For example, PLA might be an cheap and light part material, but aren’t useful in a hot environment as they melt.
  • Internal Logic:  Parts have dependencies to properly operate. However, some of them have certain functions to works around those dependencies , that are simple in concept. Be it acting as a passive cooler or use combinational logic to stack commands to execute a burst, they are entities of their own. It’s a effective method to create emergence from basic variables.



Gameplay is fast-paced. Decisions has to be made quickly to survive. Explosion are hourly occurence.


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This Website!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

-some chinese idk

Web Design and Me.

I do not like web design.  I never had the feel of it , as everytime I tried to come up with my own Website, it simply do not flow as well coming up with some nifty game mechanics.

"nifty" Game mechanics

Maybe it has to do with how it’s more-so portrayed as an art instead of a procedure. Maybe it’s because the Latest hot language that completely triviatilize other way of posting online. Or maybe it has to do with the job market that’s oversaturated with web design job while there is no general programming job in my area.  Nah. I think it’s just boring to me. Hard to move forward when the goopey happy juice is not there to completely drench your brain. How painful.

I always had the need of a website. To post about whatevs. What I am doing. Express my thoughts. Get a lists of Dank parts of my life.  Show the world what I’ve created – A Porfolio basically.

I am thankful service like WordPress exists for lazy but active people like me.

Yeah. It’s living the life